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Christian Women Connection

By the time you read this Christian Women Connection e-Action article we will have already had our State ConventionĀ  at the Hilton Hotel in Grand Rapids on May 1st and 2nd. For quite sometime now we have been praying and looking forward to having Rev. Carron Odokara as our speaker and Rev. Jennifer Wilson as our worship leader at our convention. I was informed a few weeks ago from the hotel personnel that the hotel lobby and restaurant had been re-decorated and new locks had been installed on the rooms, so that is something for us to also look forward to as an added bonus!

One BIG exciting thing that our Treasurer, Aletha McNeilly was going to be sharing with our ladies at convention was that our Christ's Birthday Offering total from December 2014 was $90,141.40! Praise the Lord!! Thank you so very much for you and your churches generosity!! May God bless you all abundantly!

Nancy Beecher will have finished her 2nd 3 year term, a total of 6 years, and we wish to thank her again for these years of service to our state CWC. We have a new Director of Programming, Rachel Demos, and she will begin this new position following our convention!

Please save the date of September 26th for our One Day Fall Retreat. Our speaker will be Rev. Kristi Rhodes, pastor of the Hillcrest Community Church of God in Cedar Springs. The location of our One Day Fall Retreat will be announced at a later date!

I would like to wish every one of you a Happy Mother's Day, whether you are a mother or have mothered children. I read somewhere that we need to remember that the chief calling in a Christian mother's life is to be an example of Christ and to show her children the way to God. Come to think of it, that is the chief calling of all of we Christians! May we all be an example of Christ and show everyone we meet the way to God!

My love, Ann Hawkins, President
Michigan Christian Women Connection

My love, Ann Hawkins, President

Michigan Christian Women Connection

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