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Christian Women Connection

I hope you have had a good time with your family and friends celebrating the birth of God’s son Jesus. Knowing that Jesus would become our Savior is the greatest part of the Christmas celebration.

One of the blessings we get this season is our daughter takes a break from her mission work to visit during Christmas. This is something that we look forward to each year. She will be going back to Australia January 9th. We thank God for the time we have her home.

Another event at Christmas is the Christ Birthday Offering. If you haven’t given yet, it isn’t too late. January 15th is when the offering needs to be sent to our state treasurer Aletha McNeilly.

We need to look forward to our new year by spreading the work like the shepherds to all the world. Start looking for projects at home in your community, state, national and world wide. When you are choosing, a list of sponsored projects may be of help. You can get the list by going to our web site,, or by contacting me. What a great way to spread the love of God!

Don’t forget our state convention is April28th and 29th. The speaker will be Reverend Carol Ligons. Our worship leader is Natalie Neal. You will be receiving a mailing in February with more information and registration papers.

I am praying and trusting this new year will bring you many blessings.

Connie Mashue, President
Michigan Christian Women Connection

Shirts being offered from Christian Women Connection. The shirts will be available at the convention or you may contact Penny Ream, (269) 718-7089.


$26.50/$28.50 Polo v-neck

$13.00/$15.00 T-shirts

If you do not regularly receive mailings from Michigan Women of the Church of God and would like more information please contact Connie Mashue, (989) 835-1703 or e-mail