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Greetings to you all on this last day of June! I have just received from the National CWC office something that reminded me of a graduation diploma with a white tassel. It was a beautiful card entitled "Celebration of Hope." If you remember our theme for the Christ's Birthday Observance was HOPE. It was a notice telling us about the results of our Christ's Birthday Offering, of our generous giving this past December. The total was $870,229.83. It told about some of the things that was already making a difference because of the generous giving from our churches in 2012 and 2013 such as: being able to give 144% more to missionaries and mission projects, able to more than double the giving to hunger and relief projects, and also increase domestic giving by 500%. Projects benefiting from this increase included Native American ministries, feeding programs, and educational assistance to ministry students.

Arnetta McNeece Bailey ended her letter of thanks with: "We are grateful to your church for sacrificing so that the ministries of the Church of God may continue and flourish. Your gift will touch lives all over the world. God bless you."

In just a few weeks, July 12-18, will be the Warner Camp Meeting at Grand Junction. Rev. Rick Webb is the speaker. I hope everyone remembers to support the Missionary Service on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. where Chris and Angie Walker and their 3 children from New Tribes Ministries will be sharing. They will be returning in August. (I will be leading singing) Please visit the W.C.G. Cottage and ladies please remember also to sign up for the Ladies Luncheon at noon on Wednesday. I plan and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Oh, yes, I just signed the contract with the Hilton Hotel in Grand Rapids for our next years convention which will be May 1st and 2nd. Be sure and mark your calendars NOW!!!

We all, at times, need to take some time away from our everyday routine for some rest and relaxation, but when you do get away-let us not forget to hold up our missionaries and leaders in prayer!!

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Ann Hawkins; Michigan CWC President

Ann Hawkins, President;

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