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of the Church of God
in Michigan

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Christian Women Connection

September was almost here and I still didn’t have the directory printed. It took a while for me to realize that because I was the new state president, the local presidents didn’t have my information. I decided the best way to check their current directory information was to call each one. Many I had to leave messages, but I did get to speech to several ladies. That was a pleasure for me. I now have the directory to the printer and you should have them soon (thank goodness).

September 24th was our State CWC Fall Retreat. We met at the Senior Building on the St. Louis Campgrounds. Thirty-eight ladies gathered to spend a relaxing day with our sisters and to grow spiritually. Madonna Snyder, lead pastor of Cornerstone Community Church, led us in a lesson on Mind Care. We had much to learn and to put into practice. Thank you, Madonna.

Dates to mark on your calendar:

April 28th and 29th, 2017
State Convention
Speaker: Carol Ligons
Place: Midland, Holiday Inn

October 26th – 29th, 2017
Church of God Women’s Convention
Place: Daytona Beach, Florida, Hilton

Your prayers are appreciated for these conventions.

Connie Mashue, President
Michigan Christian Women Connection

Shirts being offered from Christian Women Connection. The shirts will be available at the convention or you may contact Penny Ream, (269) 718-7089.


$26.50/$28.50 Polo v-neck

$13.00/$15.00 T-shirts

If you do not regularly receive mailings from Michigan Women of the Church of God and would like more information please contact Connie Mashue, (989) 835-1703 or e-mail