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Christian Women Connection

Christ's Birthday Offering

Greetings on this very, very snowy/icy-roads-day on this last Thursday of January as I write my CWC e-Action article for February. What can I say?! Well, it is very beautiful, especially if you are on the inside looking out, and it is also one month closer to spring!! Just kidding!

Almost 2 months ago, I was talking to a pastor, and he shared with me about a lady in their church that was making peanut brittle to sell as her way of giving for the Christ's Birthday Offering. I understand she sold at least $600.00 worth of her home made peanut brittle! What a great story!!

The Christ's Birthday Offering totals keep coming in! If you have not sent your check in yet, please mail to our state treasurer, Aletha McNeillly, PO Box 65, Barryton, Michigan 49305. This way your church and our state will receive proper credit. Thank you very much for your love and generosity!

We wish to express our deepest sympathy to our friend Rev. Dale Turner and her family in the loss of her husband, Gregory. Our hearts, love, and prayers go out to you, Dale! We also express our sympathy to Dick Hill and his family in the loss of his wife Barbara Hill. Barbara was our state treasurer and active in W.C.G. for many years before they retired and moved to Arizona. We too want to express our sympathy to Nancy Beecher, Joanne Hendrick, and other family members in the loss of their Dad. Please keep all of our friends in your prayers!

Please mark these dates in your calendars NOW so you will not forget!

May 1st and 2nd:

State CWC Convention at the Hilton Hotel in Grand Rapids. Our special speaker is Rev. Carron Odokara and our worship leader is Minister Jennifer Wilson.

September 26th:

One Day Fall Retreat and our special speaker is Rev. Kristi Rhodes.

More information and details will be shared in the very near future!!

My love, Ann Hawkins, President

Michigan Christian Women Connection

If you do not regularly receive mailings from Michigan Women of the Church of God and would like more information please contact Ann Hawkins, 989-382-7922 or e-mail