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Christian Women Connection

Christ's Birthday Offering

Greetings! I am putting my thoughts together while doing a few loads of washing as I begin to pack for the Women's Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida. There are quite a few of our women from Michigan, who plan to attend the convention! We all are anxious to be fed spiritually as well as looking forward to experiencing all the food, fun, and fellowship as we go to and return from the convention!

On Tuesday, October 14th, Sue Reed, the Director of Finance, her committee and I met to prepare the Proposed Budget for 2015-2016. This will be sent to the local presidents in a few weeks so that you and your locals can begin making your plans for the coming year!

The Christ's Birthday Observance is approaching very quickly with November 30th being the 1st Sunday of the Advent. I strongly suggest that you order the materials as soon as possible in order to be ready in time. Remember Project Prayer as we in Michigan have been given December 7th to join with: Connecticut, Oklahoma, Canada, Indonesia, and the Northern Mariana Islands as take part and join together with the Church of God worldwide in the 25-day prayer vigil. In the Christ's Birthday Observance Resource Guide, on page 7, are pictures with the names of several leaders in the Church of God and we are asked to pray for these leaders and the teams they represent. Sunday, December 21st, is the suggested date for receiving your Christ's Birthday Offering in your local congregations. In the Resource Guide you will find much information that you can use for each Sunday of Advent, etc. Make this a special time as we REJOICE! at the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

The 27th of November is "Thanksgiving Day!" I found in a book entitled The Christian Leader's Golden Treasury the following which said:

"We Americans are, on the whole, a generous people . . . But let us take care that we do not fail to be as generous in thanking God as we are in sharing with others the gifts He has shared with us. Thanksgiving Day? No, rather three hundred and sixty-five "Thanksgiving Days" a year -- every year! Unknown

A lot of food for thought, so let our Thanksgiving be a Thanks-living every day!

My love, Ann Hawkins, President

Michigan Christian Women Connection

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